Measure your impact by actions, not eyeballs

We focus on helping to solve real world challenges with cutting-edge solutions that astonish.

HabitatSeven uses user-centric methodologies that place stakeholders at the centre of the design and development process. We focus on building web-based tools that are focused on impacts and action.



Developing an overarching strategy is the first and most important step. This is where we help map out the goals, capacity and outcomes of your organization to the needs of the end users you are trying to reach. The result is a working plan in which the users’ needs are met with a technology and design solution that fulfills your organization’s mission critical, measurable outcomes.

  • Stakeholder Research
  • User Requirements
  • Project Planning
  • Expectations Setting
  • User Engagement
  • Content Strategy
  • Expectations Setting


The end user is the foundation upon which we build all of the visual side of an application. It is what your user will see and interact with. Our goal is to create intuitive, easy to use interfaces that allows users to efficiently accomplish their tasks which, in turn, helps your organization achieve its’ outcomes.

  • Art Direction
  • Digital Identity
  • Wireframes
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Prototyping


Our developers focus on building applications that leverage the most appropriate emerging technologies to help you meet your organization’s measurable outcomes. They focus on building high-performing custom solutions that are easily scalable to deliver data, information and decision making insights.

  • Full Stack Development
  • CMS Integration
  • Geospatial Systems
  • Database Development
  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Data Visualization


Although we conduct a variety of tests throughout each phase of the process, the final stages prior to launch includes thorough testing and load balancing to ensure a seamless launch. The application is then transferred to an agreed upon hosting environment and readied for launch.

  • Usability Testing
  • Functionality Testing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Hosting


Digital ink is never dry. Our philosophy is to launch early and launch often by continually improving upon an application based on user feedback and evaluation. The most successful applications should never be ‘done’ but rather constantly improved upon. A long-term evaluation and improvement strategy ensures that the application remains constantly relevant and continually contributes to your organizations outcomes.

  • Program Evaluation
  • Outcome Evaluation
  • Stakeholder Research
  • Learning Assessment

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