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Project Brief

Expedition Arctic is both a standard and mobile-ready website that connects visitors to the research taking place behind the scenes at Canada’s foremost natural history museum: The Canadian Museum of Nature. This project is a collaboration between Habitat Seven, Students on Ice and the Canadian Museum of Nature.

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Millions of people visit museums across Canada but few experience what goes on behind the scenes of these institutions. The objects and displays that visitors see only reveal a glimpse of the research taking place in a museum. This is also true for the Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN) and its world-renowned Arctic collection. Behind every object are inspiring stories of research, exploration and adventure that rarely get told, and valuable learning opportunities are lost as a result. Targeted to youth aged 14-29, the goal of Expedition Arctic is to make the CMN Arctic collection and behind-the-scenes research accessible through a virtual journey of discovery and adventure.


The communication objectives for this project are to virtually immerse young people in Arctic landscapes, the CMN Arctic collection, and the adventure of scientific discovery that takes place behind the scenes at the CMN. It aims to generate a new understanding of the Arctic as a critical part of Canada and foster a new appreciation for the natural sciences as a field for viable and adventurous careers.


To be launched in Winter 2013.  Stay tuned for updates!


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