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Project Brief

Conservation is a constantly evolving and multi-disciplinary field that requires authentic learning experiences. ConservationBridge brings conservation education into the digital age by connecting students to real world conservation projects through multimedia case studies. It contains a growing multimedia library on conservation concepts, case studies, and cutting edge research that is engaging students in university classrooms around the world.

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ConservationBridge tests a new model of engaging students in conservation science using authentic and service learning educational paradigms. The project was developed to improve the collaborative and analytical skills imperative for conservation students, such as the ability to work across disciplinary and cultural boundaries.


ConservationBridge was created to provide a tool that connects conservation practitioners to researchers and students at universities, enables diverse courses and departments to engage with conservation, and to evaluate the efficacy of online case studies in providing real world learning experiences.


Since its launch, ConservationBridge has been used in classrooms around the world. Over 15 case studies are now available on topics that range from grasslands ecosystem management to the impact of climate change on subsistence whaling in the arctic. External evaluations have shown that ConservationBridge sustantially improved student understanding of key conservation concepts, their motivation to learn, and increased their self-efficacy.


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