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Project Brief

The BBC required a data portal for it’s massive survey based data set. BBC Media Action has one of the world’s largest survey based data sets. The challenge, however, is to adequately allow people to access the data and make sense of it.

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BBC Media Action runs media and communication projects, which help people cope with crises, improve their health and hold leaders accountable, among much else.

Audiences are at the heart of everything BBC Media Action does. Its in-country researchers conduct surveys across Africa, Asia and the Middle East to better understand the lives of ordinary people in the developing world.



The objective of this project was to build a data system to host, visualize and provide access to this critically important data set for delivery to decision makers of all types.


The site provides a mechanism to access all the BBC Media Action survey data by allow users to discover data through themes and countries. The data is hosted through an API and visualized through a data rich visualization engine that allows for viewing the data as well as downloading it.


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