HabitatSeven Partners with NOAA’s NWS for Climate Application Development

HabitatSeven has partnered with NOAA’s National Weather Service to help redesign and launch the Local Climate Analysis Tool (LCAT).

The National Weather Service’s LCAT helps guide the development of answer to local, climate science related questions, allows users to understand local climate variability and their impacts, know local climate trends in the context of global climate change and link weather and water events to climate signals. 

HabitatSeven will work closely with the LCAT leadership to help redesign the system architecture, data structure and front-end user interface.


New Climate Economy 2015 Launched

The World Resources Institute along with its global partners have launched the 2015 New Climate Economy report. The groundbreaking report focuses on economic pathways towards a global low-carbon economy to meet the goals of keeping climate change below two degrees celsius. As part of its long-standing partnership with the World Resources Institute and the New Climate Economy, HabitatSeven helped build and launch the 2015 version of the report online.

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