Risky Business and HabitatSeven

Founded by co-chairs Michael R. Bloomberg, Henry Paulson, and Tom Steyer the Risky Business Project examines the economic risks and opportunities of climate change. The U.S. economy faces significant risks from unabated climate change. Every year of inaction serves to broaden and deepen those risks. The Risky Business Project will assess the economic and technical feasibility of reducing these climate risks by transitioning to an economy powered by clean energy.

HabitatSeven has partnered with Risky Business to help build their digital strategy and redesign their web tools.

HabitatSeven Partners with NOAA to Deliver Climate Resilience

In support of the President’s Climate Action Plan, HabitatSeven has partnered with NOAA to build a suite of data and mapping tools to be included in the Climate Resilience Toolkit (CRT). To help meet the challenges of the changing climate, the Climate Resilience Toolkit allows users to find resources and frameworks to understand and address climate issues that impact people and their communities. Central to the CRT will be the Climate Explorer which HabitatSeven will build in partnership with NOAA, NEMAC, and a team of leading climate scientists across federal agencies. The climate explorer will provide high resolution maps and graphs of critical climate data to help better inform decision makers. 

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