User-Centric By Design

HabitatSeven specializes in user-centric design and agile development methodologies.

This approach places the user at the centre of all design choices and allows flexibility to adjust quickly to new trends and innovations.

Learn how this works in the steps below.

Step 1: User Research

At the beginning of every project, Habitat Seven undertakes a rigorous discovery process to pinpoint the main story of an organization or project.

At the same time, Habitat Seven also undertakes a systemic approach to user research. This includes reaching out to key stakeholders and sub-samples of the eventual end users to gather requirements, use cases, needs assessments.

Information gathered from this research is then turned into user requirements documentation, architecture, and wireframes to guide all further design and development.

Step 2: User Interface Design

Once the user research is complete, the user requirements, architecture and wireframes are pulled into a user interface.

At this stage, all key pages are of the digital tool are designed. Our user-centric methodologies allow for feedback from stakeholders and sub-samples of end users early and often. User feedback is gathered based on initial design concepts and this feedback is implemented in the designs in an iterative process.

This process ensures that all design choices are done to fit the overall story of the project and meets the requirements of the eventual end users.

Step 3: Technology Development

Once the designs are complete, technology development is undertaken. This includes both coding the front-end of the digital product as well as backend technology development.

HabitatSeven has built world-class capacities in Content Management System (CMS) production, geospatial mapping and graphing, interactive development, and big data visualization. Our capabilities have been built specifically to meet the technology needs of science based organizations with large data sets, critical information, and diverse stakeholder groups.

Step 4: Launch

Launch early. Launch often.

HabitatSeven builds a launch strategy into the overall design and development structure of what we produce. This allows our partners to build momentum over the duration of the process and to empower key stakeholders early who can help with outreach long term.

Digital ink is never dry. We advocate launching pieces of content early and launching them often. This ensures the broadest impact and furthest reach.

Writing grants? We can help.

Donors and granting agencies are seeking to broaden the societal impacts of their funding efforts. This means outcomes of funded projects must reach a public audience beyond a handful of experts.

That is where we come in.

Prior to writing a proposal, our team works with our partners to build a vision for producing technology and media that will help achieve objectives, improve the likelihood of funding and strengthen the overall impact. We invest our efforts and draw from our network of collaborators to strengthen the proposal through a tightly integrated broader impacts strategy. Once funded, our team implements the media portion of the proposed work. In this way, we are invested in the proposal and committed to maximizing the likelihood of success.

Let’s get started.

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