HabitatSeven forms partnership with Quandl to support President Obama’s Climate Data Initiative

HabitatSeven is announcing a partnership with the data platform Quandl to combine Federal climate-impact data with private-sector commodity and supply-chain data. Through this partnership, visualization tools will be developed for private-sector decision makers, investors, and commodity traders to incorporate climate risks and opportunities into commodity prices and resilience strategies

“Through his Climate Data Initiative, President Obama is calling for all hands on deck to unleash data and technology in ways that will make businesses and communities more resilient to climate change”, said John P. Holdren, President Obama’s Science Advisor. “The commitments being announced today answer that call by empowering the U.S. and global agricultural sectors with the tools and information needed to keep food systems strong and secure in a changing climate.”

Through it’s partnership with Quandl, HabitatSeven will be able to access one of the world’s largest repositories of data in order to combine this vast resource with data from the Climate Data Initiative to produce decision making tools for the private sector that are critical to global climate adaptation.

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